Scottish Lowlands Road Trip: Pt 3 – Road to Peebles 1

We saw many things on the road from Moffat to Peebles, as we followed the A701 for most of the way. This road is sign posted as the scenic route to Edinburgh, instead of taking the motorway and the main A Roads, and we could see why.

Road 1

Snowy Hills

We were getting high up into the hills here, and the larger hills have a lovely dusting of snow, and being from Lancashire I hadn’t actually seen any snow up to this point all winter, so it was nice to find some at last.

The road remained in Dumfries and Galloway for a short while, before it met the border with the Scottish Borders county.

Road 2

Scottish Hills

There were hills in every direction, and almost all of them were covered in snow. It was a breath taking sight, and I think outside of Winter, even in the sun with all the different colours, it wouldn’t look quite as nice as it did today.

Road 3

Postmen Memorial

At the side of the road, we found this small stone memorial, which has a plaque on the side explaining what it is. Erected in 1931, it stands in memory of a group of Postmen who got stuck here during a snowstorm as they tried to deliver the mail, and they sadly perished.

Road 4

Pine Trees Along The Route

This was a view of the road next to the Postmen Memorial. It was covered in snow, and lined with Pine Trees. You might think that we have suddenly moved away from Britain and into Norway or Finland, but it is still Scotland. It’s a great view, and one I have genuinely never seen before in the UK, and it was like being in the Scandinavian Wilderness. The higher we got on this road the more we saw.

Road 5

Snow Into The Distance

As we progressed along the road we could see yet more pine trees, and in the distance more hills covered in snow, flanked by wind turbines. The West Coast Main Line cuts through this general area on it’s way from Carlisle to Glasgow, and you can get similar views from the train.

We still had a way to go to reach Peebles, and we soon left the snow behind as descended down into the heart of the Scottish Borders, and met up with the river Tweed…


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