Spain is a country located on the edge of Southwestern Europe, bordering onto Portugal, France and the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. It is also separated from mainland Africa by the Strait of Gibraltar, from where both Morocco and Algeria are visible. As well as mainland Spain, there are two exclaves located in Africa, in the form of the Cities of Ceuta and Melilla, both part of the European Union along with Spain.

The final component of the country are a group of islands, called the Canary Islands, which include Majorca and Tenerife. Much like France and the United Kingdom/England, Spain once held various colonies around the world, with notable examples being various South American countries such as Argentina. At over 500 square kilometres, Spain is the fourth largest country in Europe, and the second largest in the European Union, and it has incorporated both the Euro and the Schengen Area agreements.

Spanish Name: España

Demonym: Spanish, Spaniard

Capital and Largest City: Madrid

Cities: 44

Regions: 17

Official Language(s): Spanish/Español (also known as Castilian/Castellano)



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