Starting Your Own Blog

This page will give you some tips on how to start, write and promote your very own blog. The key thing is to find something that you are knowledgeable about, or something that you have an interest in, it could be travelling, a blog about your life or about a band etc.

As an example, this is how I go about one of the main posts on our blog:


I already have a layout ready for the different places, with a title that includes the place name and the county, with the country sometimes added for lesser known places. Then the status, date, and attractions are added in so you can see quickly what we went to see, and when we saw it.

Then I look through my photographs and pick (usually) between 5 and 8 of the best ones, that really show off the place we went and the main attractions. When I have picked these, I add them in as I go along, and use my knowledge of the place, including information I found out when we went, as well as a little bit of research for information I couldn’t find in the day, and give a short history of the main parts of the town or city.

Sometimes there is a lot to put but I try not to make it too long winded. I try to make it interesting, such as when the building was constructed, and what famous features there might be on it.

Your posts are your own but the more interesting they are they more people will want to see them.

Promoting Your Blog

One of the best ways to get your blog out there is by using Social Networking Sites. We have both a Facebook page, and a Twitter account that all our posts go on, and we have had a sizeable amount of views off both sites. Another way to get your blog out there is to send it to a major search engine such as Google, who can then add it to their search index.


Tagging your posts is another important step. When someone searches the internet or key words such as the name of a place, if your posts are tagged properly with the name of the place, area and the main things to be found there then they will come up more often on things like Google and attract more viewers.

Appearance and Layout

To be added


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