Historic Counties

Regions, Counties and Cities: 

There are 9 official regions in England. They are split up into the Historic English Counties, which still exist in law, separate from the administrative counties used for local government. Each of the counties was split into Hundreds, similar to the modern day set up of counties and districts. Click on the links below to see our related posts. More links will be added as we travel around England.

1. North East

County Durham Flag.svg

Flag of Northumberland.svg

2. North West

County Flag of Cheshire.png

Cumberland flag.svg


Flag of Westmorland.svg

3. Yorkshire


  • Yorkshire

Yorkshire - East Riding flag.jpg

North Riding.svg

      • North Riding of Yorkshire.

West Riding Flag.PNG

4. East Midlands

Derbyshire flag.svg

  • Derbyshire
    • Appletree
    • High Peak
    • Morleston & Litchurch
    •  Repton & Gresley
    • Scarsdale
    • Wirksworth

County Flag of Leicestershire.png

  • Leicestershire

Flag of Lincolnshire.svg

County Flag of Northamptonshire.png

County Flag of Nottinghamshire.svg

  • Nottinghamshire.
    • Bassetlaw
    • Bingham
    • Broxtowe
    • Newark
    • Rushcliffe
    • Thurgarton

Flag of Rutland.svg

  • Rutland
    • Alstoe
    • East
    • Martinsley
    • Oakhamshire
    • Wrandike

5. West Midlands:

County Flag of Herefordshire.png

Flag of Shropshire.svg

County Flag of Staffordshire.png

County Flag of Warwickshire.svg

Worcestershire County Flag.jpg

6. East of England:

Flag of Bedfordshire.svg

  • Bedfordshire
    • Barford
    • Biggleswade
    • Clifton
    • Flitt
    • Manshead
    • Redbornestoke
    • Stodden
    • Willey
    • Wixamtree

Flag of Cambridgeshire.svg

Flag of Essex.svg



  • Huntingdonshire
    • Hurstingstone
    • Leightonstone
    • Norman Cross
    • Toseland

County Flag of Norfolk.svg

  • Norfolk

Flag of Suffolk.svg

  • Suffolk

7. London

Flag of Middlesex.svg

8. South East

County Flag of Berkshire (commercial version).png

  • Berkshire
    •  Beynhurst
    • Bray
    • Charlton
    • Compton
    • Cookham
    • Faircross
    • Faringdon
    • Ganfield
    • Homer
    • Kintbury Eagle
    • Lambourn
    • Moreton
    • Ock
    • Reading
    • Ripplesmere
    • Shrivenham
    • Sonning
    • Theale
    • Wantage
    • Wargrave

Flag of Buckinghamshire.svg

  • Buckinghamshire

Flag of Hampshire.svg

Flag of Kent.svg

Proposed Flag of Oxfordshire.jpg


Flag of Sussex.svg

9. South West

Flag of Cornwall.svg

Flag of Devon.svg

Saint Wite's Cross.svg

Severn Cross.svg

Somerset Flag.svg

County Flag of Wiltshire.svg


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