UK Weather Warnings

In the last few years the UK has seen some terrible storms, that have caused widespread damage and terrible storms. For anyone who reads our blog that is in the UK, please keep an eye on these links during particularly stormy weather, so you can check what the conditions are like, as they have been particularly bad recently (as of February 2014), so please keep yourselves safe.

1) National Rail Disruption

Storms can severely damaged train networks across the country and it can be very dangerous to keep travelling in extreme weather. Keep checking what is going on around the rail network, so you don’t get stranded somewhere in bad conditions.

2) Met Office

The British Met Office issues warnings for Ice, Snow, Rain, Fog and Wind across the country using a map to show which areas are at the highest risk of danger. Three colours are used, Yellow (lowest warning), Amber (take action) and Red (severe warning for potential loss of life) so if a storm is imminent keep an eye on your area and stay indoors if it looks like there are going to be bad conditions near you.

3) Environment Agency

The Environment Agency look after properties and rivers around the UK, and they issue regular warnings and advice on how to deal with flooding conditions and have different helplines you can contact depending on your situation. They also issue forecasts for the flooding and is a good way to stay up to date with stormy weather.

4) BBC News

As the national broadcaster, any major storms are covered extensively by the BBC and they usually have live updates on any extreme weather, so you can get regular updates through out the duration of the storms.

5) Traffic England

On the traffic England site there are regular updates about the UK motorway network and other roads, that can tell you what the conditions are like and any accidents they have caused. If they are particularly bad you can avoid them to stay safe.

If you know of any other links that would come in handy during these weather conditions please leave me a comment with the link and I will add it in.


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