Scottish Lowlands Road Trip: Pt 4 – Road to Peebles 2

Moving on from the mainly snowy sections of the A701 from Moffat to near Peebles, we had arrived in the Scottish Borders county and found one of the most notable local rivers…


Source Of The River Tweed

Going down the road, we passed a small sign that claimed it as the source of the River Tweed, that trickled down the hill to meet us next to the road. It got gradually bigger and bigger and we would be following it for quite a while yet. Above you can see a picture of the Tweed, and it looks quite small, but it grew to an enormous size by the time it hit Peebles. This was the only accompaniment to a lonely journey through the hills, not a soul for miles. From here it runs through Peebles and down through the Scottish Borders to Berwick-upon-Tweed in England, and out to sea.


Hill Monument/Standing Stone

After we had passed the source of the Tweed, we went past a number of old looking stones sticking out of the hills, and we spotted this one quite high up. I am not sure whether it’s a very old standing stone, or a monument to something but there were no signs, and it was quite inaccessible all the way up the hill.


Old Bridge

There are various old bridges spread throughout Scotland, as well as the rest of the UK. We stopped to get a picture, and we were wondering if the bank above it might have carried an old train line, as there were a number in the area that closed in the 1960’s.


Scottish Hills

Yet more hills greeted us as we continued our journey, and you can see the Tweed twisting and turning along the same route, and we would cross it a number of times. There is an abundance of amazing countryside around here, that continues all the way up to Glasgow and Edinburgh, then beyond into the Highlands.


Bridge Over The Lyne Water

After the A701, we reached a junction to turn off to Peebles and followed the B712 that runs past Dawyck Botanic Gardens and Stobo Castle, the noted spa. At the end of this road we joined up with the A72, and pulled into a lay by to get a picture of the small bridge we had just crossed. The river running beneath it isn’t the Tweed, but the Lyne Water, which joins up with the Tweed just around the corner.

Our next stop was the town of Peebles, only a few miles away from here…


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