Bromyard, Herefordshire, England

During our summer holiday in 2013, we paid a visit to the small town of Bromyard, around 25 miles from the city of Hereford where we were based. It’s only a small place but I found something that intrigued me instantly…


Status: Herefordshire, Town, England

Date: 08/08/2013

Travel: Car

Eating & Sleeping: N/A

Attractions: Historic Timber Buildings, Market Square, St Peters Church, Time Machine Museum, Teddy Bear Museum etc

Brom 1

We arrived in a very quaint part of the town, after driving through some of the more modern suburbs. The town is well known for it’s old timber buildings, and we found a fine example of this. The building on the right is called Flowerdew’s, which is a well kept tearoom. It is based in a 16th century building, and it looks out onto the market square where we parked.

Most of the town looks like this, making a large portion of Bromyard unspoilt, and historic. There is a parish church elsewhere in the town, called St Peters, an old Norman Church from around the 14th century.

Can anyone spot what caught me eye the most in Bromyard? If you look at the far left, there is a cardboard cut out of a Dalek in the shop window. As a major Doctor Who fan I couldn’t resist investigating, and it turned out to be a small museum with genuine props from the series and various other sci-fi series such as Red Dwarf and Star Wars.

Inside is a world of wonder, with so many props from the series. There were Daleks, Cybermen, the Tardis, a plethora of aliens and of course K-9. As well as these there was a large variety of props, from a Torchwood Stun Gun to a Cybergun from the 1980’s. We had great fun exploring the museum, there was so much to discover. I would recommend the museum and it’s one of the largest collections of Doctor Who props outside of the larger official ones like the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff.  The atmosphere is great as the museum is almost underneath the shop, so the low corridors, with aliens at every turn, is a thrilling experience. Visit their website here.

This is not the only museum in the town, and elsewhere you could visit the Teddy Bear Museum, show casing many old bears including ones from the Victorian Era.

Bromyard is a great little town. A large part of its attraction is the quality of the timber buildings spread throughout the town. Along with it’s museums, its a great day out for anyone, and we were glad we stopped here. We were actually on the way back to Worcester but saw the signs for Bromyard and decided to check it out.

There is no train station in the town, but buses serve it from Hereford.


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