England is the largest country within the United Kingdom, with an area of 50,346 square miles (130,395 km2) and a population of over 50 million.

The country makes up two thirds of the island of Great Britain, and is bordered by Scotland in the north, Wales and the Irish Sea in the west, the North Sea in the east and the English Channel in the south.

The name “England” derives from the Old English name “Englaland” which means “land of the Angles”. The Angles were Germanic peoples who settled in Britain in the post-Roman period.

England also includes over 100 smaller islands, the largest of which being the Isle of Wight situated off the Hampshire coast.

Capital and largest city: London, which is made up of the City of London and the 32 boroughs of Greater London. The city is the most populous region, urban zone and metropolitan area in the United Kingdom and the largest city within the European Union.

Cities: 51, as of 2013.

Counties: 48 Administrative, 39 Historic.

Official languages: English.

Recognised regional languages: Cornish.

Patron saint and day: Saint George, 23rd of April.

Click here to see the location of England within the British Isles. You can find out all the places we have been in England by following the drop down menu. You can either look by Historic County if you are a fan of the Historic County Boundaries of England and abolished counties such as Cumberland, or if you are more familiar with the present day Administrative Counties which includes counties like Tyne & Wear and Greater Manchester then use that tab instead.


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