My name is Dan and together with my fiancee, Gemma, we have been travelling throughout the UK (and Ireland). On our travels we have found many interesting places to visit, so we decided to create a blog to document them.

So far we have been to all four countries in the UK, and the Republic of Ireland, from Aberdeen in the north of Scotland to Weymouth in the south of England.

Join us on our travels, as we add in our latest trips and the various ones we did before we started this blog. I will be posting about the many different towns and cities we have visited, and Gemma will be posting about various interesting things we have found there.

We hope you find some places that look interesting enough to visit, and start your own travels!

To take full advantage of the features on our blog, click on a post and head down the right hand side to use the search function, find the most popular recent posts, browse through various categories, check out our Facebook Page, or follow us on WordPress to get updates via email. There is also a tags function with the most popular tags in larger letters, so click on any of them to bring up all the posts with that tag in. Enjoy!

All photographs are our own unless otherwise stated. If you wish to use any of them on your own websites feel free but please credit us by linking back to our blog. Thank you!


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