Day Trip to Blackburn and Burnley: Pt 2 – Burnley

After we had finished the morning in Blackburn, it was simple to move onto Burnley, as they are both on the same line so we got the next train through. Burnley is a typical old Lancashire mill town, and full of warehouses and old chimney stacks.


Status: Burnley District, Lancashire, Town, England

Date: 09/02/2013

Travel: Northern Rail (Preston – Burnley Central Via Blackburn)

Eating & Sleeping: Greggs

Attractions: Town Hall, Mills, Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Singing Ringing Tree, Townley Hall, Townley Park, Viaduct, St Peter’s Church, Burnley Market etc

Burnley 1

As I mentioned before, Burnley is an old mill town, and this one of the many chimneys that would have dominated the skyline during the height of the cotton industry, and a few survive to this day. Some of the mills are available to visit, such as Queen Street Mill on the outskirts of Burnley, that includes the only surviving steam powered weaving mill in the world that dates from the 19th century. There is other information all about the industry and the local history of the town.

Burnley 2

The market place is also part of the Charter Walk Shopping Centre in the very heart of the town. The train station is a few minutes walk away and you enter the town from this direction if you are using Burnley Central. There are a few shopping streets to go with the market and the shopping centre.

Burnley 3

The town hall is an impressive building near the town centre, and also contains the tourist information centre for anyone looking for more information during a visit. Occasionally there are heritage open days where you can get a free tour around the town hall that lasts for 90 minutes.

Burnley 4

Like Blackburn, Burnley has a few interesting sculptures and statues dotted around the town, the most famous being the Singing Ringing Tree sat up on a hill overlooking the town. It can be seen from the town centre, and a special post from Gemma is coming soon to explain exactly what it is…

Burnley is split up into different areas to walk round and explore, with some information plaques up by the Calder and Brun rivers. Visit for more information and to plan your walk. Number 1 on the list is the main walk in the town itself.


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