Cornwall & The South: Pt 21 – Return To The Mainland

Leaving Hugh Town on the Isles of Scilly, we made the few hour trip back to the mainland, which treated us to a few extra sights…

Bishop 1

Bishop Rock Lighthouse, Bishop Rock, Isles of Scilly

The first view we were treated to was the famous Lighthouse sat on Bishop Rock, the farthest West of all the Isles of Scilly, out in the Atlantic.

Bishop Rock presents a major shipping hazard, so in 1847, Trinity House, the Lighthouse Authority which covers England & Wales, commissioned James Walker (1781 – 1862, Scottish Engineer) to build the Tower. A new 120 foot tall Lighthouse was built, sat on Iron Legs to protect it from the waves. No sooner was it completed however, the rock was reclaimed by the sea and the Tower washed away, due to a flimsy design.

It was decided to build another Lighthouse, but this time Mr Walker crafted it out of Stone, which began to shine its light in 1858. There are 10 floors within the building, and Bishop Rock was also given a Guinness World Record for being the “Smallest Island In The World With A Building On It”.

Like most Lighthouses, it is today unmanned, having been automated in 1992, but it is still a British landmark, in the UK’s loneliest spot.

Bishop 2


Leaving the Isles of Scilly behind us, we were escorted back towards Great Britain by a small school of Dolphins, who bobbed up and down in the water alongside us.

They are a common sight out here near Scilly, and they were the icing on the cake for a near perfect day. After getting a well deserved long sleep when we got back that evening, we set out the next morning for the coastal town of Falmouth…


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