Pembrokeshire & South Wales: Pt 3 – Road to Haverfordwest

Leaving St David’s, we made for Pembrokeshire’s County Town, Haverfordwest. En route however, we spotted a couple of things of interest we weren’t expecting to find…

St Brides Bay & Newgale Beach – Pembrokeshire

Leaving St David’s, we had been following the A487 towards Haverfordwest, which had so far only really taken us through some luscious green countryside, with the occasional seaview as we came over the next rise. To our surprise, it was suddenly taking us downwards, and the vast expanse of Newgale Beach loomed ahead. We couldn’t help but stop to get some pictures!

Newgale Beach lies on the edge of St Bride’s Bay, which is where the River Alun (from St David’s) reaches the end of its journey. We were also still within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, as it follows the coast from St David’s to Pembroke, and we could see why they had chosen this part of coastline to protect. The views are absolutely stunning, looking both North and South around the Bay.

Pem 4

Roch Castle – Pembrokeshire

Leaving Newgale, we spotted a large Castle protruding above the trees near a farm just up the road, so we stopped to get a better look. In St Davids I had spotted an advertisement poster for Roch Castle, which helped me identify this Castle AS Roch Castle.

Roch Castle was built in the 12th century, after the Norman Invasion of England. Indeed it was a Norman Knight who built it, called Adam de Rupe. His family continued to own the Castle for many generations, until their line ended in the 15th century, so it passed to the Walter Family, who held it until the English Civil War forced them to flee their home, and the building was burnt by the Parliamentarians. This led to a period of decline, only reversed thanks to the intervention of 1st Viscount John Philipps (1860 – 1938, MP for Mid Lanarkshire from 1888 until 1895) in the early 20th century, and then the Griffiths-Roch Foundation in 2008 who now maintain and run the Castle.

Leaving St Bride’s Bay behind us, we closed in on Haverfordwest…


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