Eastern Europe: Pt 8 – Slovakian Border

Before heading back to Krakow on the last day of our trip to Poland, we had 1 more quick stop. Just a few miles outside of Poland’s “Winter Capital”, Zakopane, we crossed the River Dunajec…

Flag of Slovakia.svg

For those who know their geography, well done for correctly summising we had just entered Slovakia! Poland only contains about 25% of the Tatras Mountains, the other 75% lie in Slovakia, with small rivers twisting and turning between them. The border crossings are in small valleys between the rocks, and we soon spotted a grand sign welcoming us into a foreign land.

Slovakia 1

Setting the camera up on a rock, we got a great picture together by the sign, having just entered “Slovensko”, which until January 1993 was in a Political Union with the neighbouring Czech Republic, forming 1 larger country called Czechoslovakia.

Now a part of the European Union, Slovakia is a member of both the Euro (whilst Poland still uses the Zloty), and the Schengen Area, which allowed us to cross the border without any checks at all.

Slovakia 2

Here you can see the mini-bus that brought us the 73 miles from Krakow, and a big thank you to our guides for a most interesting tour. Incidentally, the trip just over the Slovakian Border wasn’t actually part of the tour they offered, it was an extra I requested, and they were more than happy to oblige.

After a quick stop for a few pictures with the sign, we were off once more, back to Krakow, to start the journey back to England…


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