Regional Delicacies: Lancashire Tea

I spend half my time researching and writing new posts for this blog, as well as my University work, and often I hit that stage where I just want to have an hour off and relax. But one thing keeps me going, re-invigorates me and also inhabits the flask I take with me everyday to University, Lancashire Tea…

Lancashire Tea:

Founded: 2005

Region: County Palatine of Lancashire

Created: Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside (historically Lancashire), England

LTea 1

This fantastic blend of tea dates back to 2005, when a Mr Paul Needham, who had previously worked at Typhoo Tea (also on Merseyside, on the Wirral) for a number of years, created the company with Lynn Hitchen. His extensive experience of Tea making was put to good use, when he helped to create a brand new blend of Tea, as a rival to the well known Yorkshire Tea (created in 1886).

The brand has recently taken off with celebrities including J K Rowling (Author of the Harry Potter Novels) and local Lancashire lad Carl Fogarty (World Superbike Champion) expressing their love of the brand. Personally this is my favourite brand of tea as well, and the kettle now works overtime!

LTea 2

It isn’t just the great taste of the Tea however that makes it so special. The box itself is a work of art, and features a historic map of the traditional County Palatine of Lancashire, from West Derby to Salfordshire, Blackburnshire to Amounderness, Leyland to Lonsdale. The Tea also entered into the Guinness World Book of Records in 2008, when they broke not one… but TWO world records. Outside a local Asda store in Lancashires administrative centre, Preston, they used a record breaking 60 kg tea bag to create a record breaking 400 litre cuppa! Unfortunately those 60 kg bags aren’t on sale, much to the relief of my Kettle :P.

You can find out more, and try some for yourself, by visiting their official website, here. Various shops sell it, including Morrisons, Asda and B&M Bargains.

I must now cut this post short as I have the urge to brew up a cuppa, now where did I put that box of Lancashire Tea…


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