The South West of England: Pt 32 – Plymouth Fish Trail

As we explored the incredible city of Plymouth in Devon, we were also tracking a trail of Fish which had appeared all over the city…

The trail developed from the desire to show off the skills associated with this great city, which has a high success rate for apprenticeships, reportedly 6% above the average for the UK as a whole. Plymouth represents time and dedication to education and knowledge, and the trail of Ocean Sunfish all feature scenes which help to tell the story of Plymouth. They were designed locally, by artists, students and more from around the city, and for summer 2014 the 16 Fish were located around the city, with a number in the centre, and we spotted 4 of them during our exploration.

Map Fish

The red striped Fish was located outside the Civic Centre, covered in the same stripes as Smeatons Lighthouse Tower, and the 2nd fish we saw wasn’t far away, showing lovely bright sunflowers.

On our way down towards the front we passed the 3rd, a colourful fish depicting Sir Francis Drake and various attractions on the seafront. The final fish we saw was located down at the seafront itself on one of the jetties, and features a number of warships painted on it.

Once the trail ended, the fish were auctioned off on the 18th of August 2014 to raise money for a programme orchestrated by the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, focused on Marine Conservation. We have seen various such trails around the country, from the Superlamabananas in Liverpool, to the Rhinos in Southampton and the Dragons in Taunton. You can find out more about the city of Plymouth itself, in my dedicated post here.

Leaving the trail behind, we moved on into Cornwall, to the town of Looe…


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