The South West of England: Pt 10 – Taunton Dragon Trail

As we explored the town of Taunton, we were also in the middle of a hunt! Spread out across not just Taunton Town but the wider Taunton Deane district, was a collection of 30 model Dragons, very similar to the Superlambanana’s in Liverpool and the Rhino’s in Southampton etc…

Out of the 17 Dragons in Taunton Town Centre, we managed to find 9, which isn’t bad with only a few hours to look round. The designs on every Dragon are different, from a rainbow Dragon to a nighttime Dragon. The Trail began on the 12th of July and will run through to the 10th of September when all the Dragons will be auctioned off to raise money for the Somerset Community Foundation which sponsors projects not just around the District but the wider County. The Taunton Dragons are located at notable places in the town, from outside the Market Hall, to inside the Tourist Information Centre and outside the entrance to Taunton Castle. The Trail is raising money for a great cause so I hope it makes a lot from the auctions at the end.

Below is a map of the Dragons that can be found in Taunton Town Centre, each with their own number. A complete map of all the Dragons along with their names can be obtained from the Tourist Information Centre based in Taunton Library, where Number 3 (Picture 1 above) is on the map. Next to it is Number 2 which can be found in the nearby Shopping Centre.

Taunton Map

You can visit the official Trail website here, and it includes maps of Wellington, Wiveliscombe and the rest of the District to show the locations of the other Dragons.

The reason for the Dragon is that a Red Dragon on a yellow background is used as the county flag of Somerset, and Taunton is the county town, the perfect place to base the Trail. This was certainly one of the many surprises we had on our trip to the South West of England as we had no idea the Trail was on before we visited, and it was great fun following the map to find as many as we could. Happy hunting!

Our next stop was Dartmouth in Devon via some beautiful countryside and local Churches…


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