Faith & The British: Pt 1 – Introduction

All over the United Kingdom, from England to Northern Ireland, faith helps to shape the lives of millions of people, giving them hope, friendship and helping them become part of a community. Equally, many people prefer to rely on their instincts and their own experiences to help make their decisions, as opposed to faith. Whether you believe in faith or not, the fantastic array of Abbeys, Cathedrals and Minsters across the British Isles are of outstanding historical importance and are an important part of our culture. During our travels we have visited many religious buildings, many of which stand out as some of the most beautiful structures in the country…

Abbey Gallery

Whilst there are many ruined Abbeys around the country, a few have survived intact and still function today as Churches, with two of the best examples being Paisley Abbey and Hexham Abbey. They can be quite similar in architecture and interior to other types of Churches, but they are all unique.

Cathedral Gallery (Selection)

British Cathedrals are often stand out examples of architecture that is centuries old, showing the wealth of the Church and the passion behind the buildings. Various famous architects including Sir Christopher Wren have contributed to these beautiful buildings, and their history is being added to all the time, as some Cathedral’s are quite modern, from the last century or so. A great example of this is Liverpool Cathedral, which is even grander and larger than most others and holds a few world records. On our travels we have been lucky enough to get inside these buildings and take photographs (although sadly some were either closed, or wouldn’t allow pictures) to capture the detail and wonder all around us.

Minster Gallery

Minsters are slightly different, and whilst they are still Church buildings some of them are former Cathedrals. Either way, they have the great range of diverse architecture that all the rest have, and there are many of them to explore.

This series of posts will look at each building in turn, and although I have already introduced many of you to them in individual posts for the great cities and towns of the UK, these posts will be much more in depth, and will take you behind closed doors to experience the beauty and wonder that these holy places contain, so join me soon in Part 2 as I delve into the secrets of St Machar’s Cathedral in Aberdeen


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