Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Today my friend Andy from imarunnerandsocanyou nominated my blog for the VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD.

This means a lot and it’s great to know that someone has taken such an interest. Overall it’s been a hard 16 months since my Mum passed away and trying to cope with that and complete my Foundation Degree which I did thankfully, with Distinction, last week. I started the blog last November and never knew it would come this far, reaching over 4000 viewers, and some of the comments have been heart warming, so thanks once more to Andy. Check out his blog using the link to find out all about his adventures as a Runner over in the US!


Very Inspiring Blogger Award Rules:

a) Thank and link to the person who nominated you

b) List the rules and display the award

c) Give 7 facts about yourself

d) Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know

e) Optional: display the award logo on your blog and follow your nominator

My 7 Facts:

1) I Am 1/4 Italian.

My Grandfather was Italian and ended up in Lancashire, England during World War II. He met my Grandma and they got married, and I still live in the village they met.

2) My Favourite Show is Doctor Who

I am a massive fan of Doctor Who, well I suppose that is an understatement, said as I glance over at the dvd shelf containing every episode since the 1960’s…!

3) My Fiancee lives 116 Miles Away!

I met Gemma through a friend who moved down from Gretna to my school near Banks, Lancashire and we hit it off. We met up a few times until things got serious during a visit to Edinburgh back in 2012 when we knew there was something there and our relationship blossomed.

4) I Have Visited 14 Global Countries

Aside from number 1, the UK (of course as I live there) I have visited another 13 countries globally:

Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, United States and Vatican City. Who knows, it might rise to 16 by the end of the summer…! The blog covers my adventures with Gemma which so far only cover the UK and Ireland but again that could be set to rise…

5) I Have A Diploma In Touch Typing

When I was little I did a home course in Touch Typing, which worked by covering the keys up with coloured stickers over a period of time so I was forced to learn which key was in which position as I could no longer see the characters. I received a Diploma for completing the course, and it works for by Numbers and Letters. It has come in very useful for typing out long blog posts!

6) I Have A Black Belt In Ju-Jitsu

Also when I was younger I joined a local Martial Arts Club and after a few years I had reached Junior Black Belt, as well as Junior Instructor. It was great fun and was a great source of discipline as well as a good chance to meet new people.

7) “Only One Who Could Open Little Grandma’s Chairs Award”

Many years ago we got my Grandma some new outside garden furniture, including some white plastic chairs which had to be unfolded. Neither my dad nor my Grandma could figure out how to work the chairs but I, even though I was only around 8 managed to do it so my Dad made me a certificate on the computer and printed it off, and I still have it in my draw!

Below is the list of my 15 nominees for the award, all outstanding blogs which I follow and enjoy. Sadly I can’t nominate Andy, so here are my other 15 top blogs, in no particular order:

1) A Wandering Human

2) Janalines World Journey

3) Retireediary

4) By the Might Mumford

5) Humanity777

6) ICI & La Nature Pictures

7) Chris Martin

8) Break Your Cage

9) What an Amazing World!

10) Olly Writes

11) Golden Cities And Blushing People

12) Eli Glasman

13) Valerie Holmes Author

14) Critique Collective

15) Victor Travel Blog

Happy blogging everybody!


2 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. Man, you are good. It took me the weekend to write my response, I only listed 14 bloggers and one was a duplicate! I love looking through every one’s list and reading blogs I might never have stumbled upon any other way.

  2. Thanks, I had a few in mind after it came up. Oh dear, I’ll be honest, when I initially published the post I had accidentally linked up the Daily Post as number 1 on my nominees list, although I suppose that technically then includes everyone on WordPress haha! Fixed it now! It’s a great way to find out about new subjects from people such as yourself 🙂 There are some really interesting blogs on your own list, been looking through a few 😀

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