Update: England Page

Due to all the recent announcements regarding the fact that the historic county borders of England still exist, I have tweaked the England page. If you go to the UK tab, and down to England, two options will come up.

1) Administrative Counties

This will let you run through the modern day districts and counties, including new ones such as Greater Manchester, and ones that replaced more than one old county like Cumbria.


2) Historic Counties

This one however will let you go down a list of the historic counties, reinstating areas like Cumberland, Westmorland and Huntingdonshire, to find out which places in new counties today would actually have been part of others such as Cheshire, Lancashire or Warwickshire for example.

Happy hunting!


2 thoughts on “Update: England Page

  1. Dan, I’m loving this information. Why did they do the re-org? I can’t imagine something like this in The States going on. Maybe you could do a post on why they did this, when and wha was the process like.
    Just an idea.

    • I think it was mainly to group some of the larger conurbations, like Manchester and its surrounding towns into one new county so they could be administered more easily and local services could be brought together but some are less clear like some counties randomly had sections transferred to other counties. That’s a good idea, I shall have a look and write a post soon on the subject 😀

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