Road Trip To Falkirk and Fife: Pt 5 – Clackmannanshire Sculptures

As we left Alloa, we spotted an interesting sculpture on one of the roundabouts, and realised we had seen something similar on another roundabout in the town, in the same style. Some further research revealed they were part of a large network of sculptures in the county, designed by Andrew Scott.

The two we saw were:


“This Journey’s End”

The artwork represents people being joined together, and celebrates the new bridge, the Clackmannanshire Bridge that crosses the Forth very near to here. That opened in 2008, with the artwork being installed in 2009.

The two figures are a male (right) and female (left). The male is holding a crown, whch is a feature on the counties coat of arms, whilst the female is holding a circle of 23 stars draped over her arm. This is a reference to the stars on the flag of the European Union (however there are only 12 on the flag itself), with the idea being the sculpture is welcoming not only British Visitors, but those from Europe as well.

The galvanized steel sculpture took 9 months to complete, and is built in a unique style. The hands and hair of both figures are designed to look like foliage, showing the natural environment in the area.



This sculpture also has features from the Clackmannanshire coat of arms, being the Gauntlet that makes up the major portion of the sculpture. The rest of the artwork is made up of a mother stretching out, whilst her child holds onto her. The child has winged feet, and is reaching out, possibly offering help to passers by.

The brief for this sculpture was that it should symbolise machinery to do with the emergency services, and Scott used his creative juices to come up with something symbolising hope and help for the community.

There are at least 7 sculptures in and around Clackmannanshire, but his work goes further afield, to include the incredible Arria statue next to the M80 Motorway at Cumbernauld, and the Thanksgiving Square Beacon in Belfast. We actually saw it last year when we visited Northern Ireland, and a picture we took of it is shown below.

Sculpture 3

Find out more about Andrew and his work at his website here, which includes details of his next major project, the 30m tall Keplies that will be based near Falkirk. For information on some of the other sculptures he has done in Clackmannanshire, check out this page.

We moved on to the small town of Clackmannan, to continue our Scottish Road trip…


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