Train Travels: Volume 5 – The North West

This is the fifth in my series of posts looking at the many sights and fantastic scenery we have seen from the train window, this time looking at the North West of England.


The Lake District

As Gemma and I regularly get the train from Carlisle to Preston, and back again, we go around the Lake District (one of England’s most popular National Parks) on the train every other week. In November and December, there is quite often a lovely dusting of snow over the peaks of the park, as you can see above.



This is the town of Accrington, which we passed through on our way to Burnley from Preston. It’s a nice old Lancashire market town, and it’s main claim to fame is that Accrington NORI, the hardest and densest bricks in the world, were made here and went on to be used in the Empire State Building itself in New York.

Accrington is full of old stone buildings and is sat in the Lancashire hills. It’s a great place to visit and has some great architecture. The train line passes directly through the town on a bridge, giving you the best view.


St Walburges Church

Heading northwards through Preston on the train, you will pass under the magnificent church of St Walburge’s, in the Lancashire city of Preston. It has the tallest spire out of any parish church in England, and after Salisbury and Norwich it’s the third tallest overall for a church building.

It was completed in 1873, and is a major landmark in Preston, visible from most places in the city. To find out more about Preston, see my post on the city here.


Unknown Castle

On the train towards Barrow-in-Furness from Preston, we went past this ruined building, which I assume is an old Castle or an old tower, but I am unsure what it is called. There are many things like this dotted about the British countryside, and add a breath of history to the various regions of England.


Morecambe Bay

Continuing towards Barrow-in-Furness, we passed over the first of two large river mouths, this one being the river Kent. We had just passed through the village of Arnside in Cumbria, and this whole area is part of Morecambe Bay. It’s a beautiful landscape, and there are many rolling hills around here as we approach the lower half of the Lake District.

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