Train Travels: Volume 1 – The Emerald Isle

We have seen many interesting things from train windows, and grabbed a few pictures as we passed. I will be doing a series of posts documenting all of these, so here is volume 1, covering the train journey we made from Belfast in Northern Ireland to Dublin in the Republic of Ireland.



The first place the train stopped after leaving Belfast, was the city of Lisburn, only a few miles away. From the station we could make out the main feature of the city, the two buildings of the Irish Linen Museum and Christ Church Cathedral, in the city centre. I tried to get a picture but unfortunately we passed a tree and I missed it. They are two impressive buildings, and I had read about them before we went to Ireland.

At least I managed a picture of the station sign, but keep a good eye out if you are on a train in the UK or Ireland, there are many interesting things to see.



This is Lurgan Model Primary School, and the only building we could see as we passed through the Northern Irish town of Lurgan. It looked like quite an interesting building, and I liked the clock tower at the front.

The spire at the back belongs to the Roman Catholic Church of St Peter, and is located in the middle of a large roundabout not far from the school. As the train kept moving we did get a slightly better view of the church and it looks quite fancy, and I liked the architecture featured on it.



The next stop was the city of Newry, one of the last major places in Northern Ireland before you hit the Irish border. We couldn’t make out that much detail as the train station and line is quite far out, but did get a panoramic view over the entire city and valley. I wish we had had time on our trip to visit Lisburn and Newry, but I am sure we will get round to it next time we get to Ireland.



Moving into the Republic of Ireland, we passed through and stopped at the town of Drogheda. We got a great view into the town as we passed over the river Boyne. We could see the quayside, and St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, which is the spire rising up at the back of the picture. It looks very impressive due to its size compared to the rest of the buildings in the area.

In the centre of the river, the Hugh De Lacy Bridge is visible, and allows pedestrians to cross the river.


Unknown Castle

After Drogheda, we passed what looks like a Castle, but we haven’t been able to identify what it’s called so far. It’s nice when you find things like this in the middle of nowhere, and they make for great scenery.



Getting closer to Dublin, we passed through Balbriggan, a small coastal town. We got a great view of the beach, as we passed over a railway bridge running through the town. It look’s very pleasant and I wouldn’t mind going back one day to have a proper look.


River Ward

Just outside Dublin itself, the train crosses the river Ward, which at this point has emptied out into a large estuary which then runs out to sea. I thought it was some kind of lake at first, and it was only when we had a look on the map when we got home that we realised it was a river mouth.

So that sums up what we saw on our train journey from Belfast to Dublin and back. There is lot’s of lovely scenery and you can see on some of the pictures how green the island is. We passed through some great cities and a few lovely towns, that showed off their landmarks to us. Keep an eye out for Train Travels: Volume 2, and find out which of our other train journeys gave us some interesting views…

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