Post 100! Today We Celebrate 100 Posts

As you can gather from the title, this exact post is the 100th overall post by Me or Gemma on this blog.

Since then we have gotten over 500 views from over 20 countries, so thank you to anyone who has been on and had a look at some of our posts, from Northern Ireland, Scotland, North Wales and the North of England.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading about the UK and Ireland, and will keep coming back to see where we have been most recently.

Check out some highlights from our posts so far: (Some of our favourites, as well the most publicly viewed)

Top Viewed:

1) Art: Singing Ringing Tree

2) Edinburgh

3) Penrith

4) Newcastle-upon-Tyne

5) Manchester

6) Liverpool

7) Langholm

8) Preston

9) Warrington

10) Dublin

Some of our other favourites (Out of many!):

1) Carlisle

2) Belfast

3) Glasgow

4) Derby

5) Dundee

6) Perth

7) Bangor

8) Southport

9) Durham

10) The Giant’s Causeway

I hope you find a post you missed, or just rediscover somewhere you like, and from all of us here, have a fantastic day!


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