Day Trip To Huddersfield and Manchester: Pt 2 – Manchester Christmas Markets

Manchester Christmas Markets

Starting in mid November and running right up until just before Christmas, over 300 stalls span Manchester‘s city centre. They run from the Corn Exchange down to the town hall.

The stalls sell many delicacies and handmade gifts, mainly from continental Europe, but also from a few other countries. The main attraction is the market outside the town hall in Albert Square, where there are many German themed stalls selling sausages, gingerbread, and beverages. Many other mouth-watering treats are sold, such as Dutch biscuits and confectionery, and many cheeses from across the Netherlands.


Pictured above is the town hall towering over the Albert Square market below. It’s best to stay at the markets until it’s dark, where you can really get the full effect of the Christmas lighting.

The market stalls are nicely decorated with lights and garlands, and as you’re meandering around the stalls, you really feel like you are in a traditional German market. There is also a giant Santa made out of lights which is put up outside the town hall and a small windmill above the sausage stand, featuring figurines of the Christmas narrative.


Looking back up the Brazennose Street market towards the town hall.

A new market was set up in Corporation Street, for one year only, which includes a coffee house so you can warm up after wandering around the various stalls.

The markets are now in their 15th year and are still attracting over a million people every Christmas. The markets are still open now, until the 22nd of December, 21st for the Corporation Street market, so get yourself to Manchester and enjoy the sights and smells of continental Europe. Visiting is a great way to start off the festivities and also indulge yourself in a little foreign cuisine!

Also as a special treat there are tours being offered on odd numbered dates up until the new year of the town hall clock tower, which will give the best views in the city centre. They last about an hour and cost £9 and are at various times throughout the day. This is a unique opportunity so if you are interested get more information here. Enjoy! 🙂


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