St Andrews Day

Good morning everyone, today is St Andrews day and for the UK it is an important day in Scotland at it celebrates the patron saint of Scotland, St Andrew. The banner at the top of this blog has been given a Scottish theme to celebrate and we are going for a special day out today to mark the occasion.

We are heading from Gretna towards the port of Stranraer and Portpatrick by car, where ferries depart towards Ireland, via various abbeys and castles that make up the route if you come off the main A75 road and use the coastal route.

We have done this before but not as far, heading to Kirkcudbright so I have made a special post showing a selection of the interesting things we found on the way using the coastal route around the county, Dumfries and Galloway, enjoy!

Check out some of the Scottish cities we have visited below:







2 thoughts on “St Andrews Day

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