Day Trip To Bangor and Holyhead: Pt 2 – Holyhead

We ended our epic day trip in Holyhead, which is only about half an hour away from Bangor, which itself was over an hour away from Chester. Reaching Chester took nearly 2 hours from Southport so it was a very long day.


Status: Isle of Anglesey, Town, Wales

Date:  04/05/2013

Travel: Merseyrail (Southport – Chester, Via Liverpool Moorfields), Arriva Trains Wales (Chester – Holyhead, Stopping At Bangor)

Eating & Sleeping: Train Station WH Smith

Attractions: Port of Holyhead, Lighthouse, Church of St Cybi, Roman Fort, Lighthouse, Captain Skinners Monument etc


Just outside the train station, this monument is visible up on the hill. It is dedicated to Captain Skinner, (Popular American Sailor on the Dublin-Holyhead Mail Route, 1760 – 1832).


The Church of St Cybi is built inside a 3 walled Roman Fort, one of only a few in Europe, as at the time the fourth wall was the sea. It was built around the 4th century, and is dedicated to St Cybi who founded a monastery there in the 6th century.

There are a few sculptures and interesting features to look out for throughout the town, including a quite impressive arched footbridge that stands out from the ferry port.


One of the Catamaran’s was coming in from Ireland when we arrived, and they are a decent size. The port itself is in a great place for rail travellers as the train station building is also the ferry terminal building so if you get off the train, head down the platform and just past it you are at the terminal gates.


There is a marina in the town around the main ports, and there were a few boats there at the time. Right at the back of this photograph you can see a lighthouse just sticking up.

Holyhead isn’t really a tourist destination it is a main port used for travel to and from Ireland using connections to the ports at Dublin and Dun Laoghaire. It’s position at the end of the Isle of Anglesey means that tourists to the island will probably visit Holyhead at some point as it is the only large settlement in the area, even though it is technically on another island called Holy Island that is joined to Anglesey.

Holyhead has good connections, not just by sea. The A55 main road from Chester through North Wales terminates here as does the North Wales Coastline train route from Chester and London.

It was an interesting end to our day and the scenery we got whilst travelling over Anglesey to get to Holyhead was amazing so part of the experience with Holyhead was the journey there, with our journey need an end point where we could stop and have a good look round before heading back, and Holyhead is quite interesting anyway.

One landmark to watch out for on the way onto Holyhead as you travel, and situated next to the train line is a large, impressive column similar to Lord Nelson’s column in London, known as the Marquess of Anglesey’s Column, in the village of Llanfairpwllgwyngyll which has a much longer official name and many tourists stop to get a photograph with the sign at the train station.


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