Warrington, Cheshire, England

To add to Lancashire Day, another our trips is being posted early, our day out to Warrington, which was historically a part of Lancashire but since 1974 has been part of Cheshire.


Status: Warrington Unitary District, Cheshire (Historically Lancashire), Town, England

Date: 24/08/2013

Travel: Merseyrail (Southport – Liverpool South Parkway), East Midlands Trains (Liverpool South Parkway – Warrington Central)

Eating & Sleeping: Cafe Nero’s

Attractions: Town Hall, Pedestrianised Fountains, Pedestrianised Sculptures, Market Hall, Alice in Wonderland Sculpture, Museum and Art Gallery, Transporter Bridge etc


The town centre is largely pedestrianised and is close to Warrington Central train station. There are various fountains, sculptures and plaques on the floor that represent the 12 months of the year.


This is another section of the pedestrianised section of the town centre with the green columns which we assume light up at night, but make it look very pleasant.


Warrington Town Hall is one of the most impressive town halls we have seen so far in terms of aesthetics.

The building was built in 1750 for Thomas Pattern, and was called Bank Hall. The main house as well as service areas are Grade I listed buildings. The impressive gates at the front of the grounds were added in 1895 after the building had been sold to Warrington Borough Council in 1870.

The gates were supposedly originally a gift to Queen Victoria and show at an exhibition in London but she declined the gift and they were given as a gift then to Warrington Council.There are four columns flanking the gates each topped with a statue of Nike, the goddess of victory.

The plain railings that once went round the gardens were given to the war effort in 1942 and never replaced. The Town Hall is only a short walk from the town centre.


We found this rather odd sculpture around one of the shopping centre areas, and it portrays the Mad Hatter’s tea party from Alice in Wonderland, and features Alice (back), The March Hare and Mad Hatter in that order from the back, and an unknown other animal. It was outside Cafe Nero’s where we stopped for an afternoon snack so we had fun posing with the sculpture.

Warrington is a nice town, with lots of effort put into making it look nice in the town centre. There are two train stations:

Warrington Central for trains towards Liverpool and East Midlands Services for Norwich amongst others

Warrington Bank Quay for West Coast Mainline Services towards London and Glasgow, and others.

It is on the very edge of Historic Lancashire as once you cross the river you are in Cheshire. It’s a nice town and worth a visit, and there is a Museum and Art Gallery in the town as well. There is also a Transporter Bridge further out in the town (which I think we saw from the train), which is an old form of transport over a river and an example from Middlesbrough will be posted eventually as we have been to that one, as well as various halls and churches around the town.


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