Coca Cola UK Tour: Preston

Today we were in for a right treat, as we headed into Preston this evening after finding out about this…

Preston Coke

The Coca-Cola lorry as seen in the Coca-Cola Christmas adverts every year is doing a tour of the UK.

Helpers were giving out Coca-Cola (and diet) cans, and there was a queue to get right up close to the lorry to get a free picture taken by Coca-Cola which will then be put on their website for you to access, however we got close enough to the line barriers to get a photo together without standing in the line. We got a wide shot from further back as well as it is a sizeable lorry!

It has already made a few stops including Preston and Blackpool, so check out their site to find out if it will be near you soon! It will be stopping over in Carlisle on Friday 29th November.


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