Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire, Scotland

Kilmarnock is the largest town in East Ayrshire, and one of the largest places on the train line between Gretna Green and Glasgow. We have been to the town once to sightsee, and once to change trains to travel on to Ayr on the Scottish coast.


Status: East Ayrshire Council Area, Town, Scotland

Date: Various, First (29/01/2013)

Travel: Scotrail (Gretna Green – Kilmarnock), Scotrail (Kilmarnock – Ayr)

Eating & Sleeping: Costa Coffee

Attractions: Various Statues/Sculptures, Kilmarnock Viaduct, Robert Burns Centre, Old Bank of Scotland Building, Dean Castle, Dick Institute, River Irvine, Irvine Side Parks etc

Kilmarnock 2

The train station in Kilmarnock is only a few minutes walk away from the town centre, and the main shopping streets. Along the main street are various sculptures, such as the two dogs pictured above. Other sculptures include two swimmers heads sticking up out of the pavement, with another four athletes stood on the top of bollards.

Kilmarnock 1

A statue of Robert Burns stands outside the Burns Shopping Centre.

Kilmarnock 3

One of the most distinct features of the town is the large viaduct that carries the railway through it, on the Carlisle (Via Gretna Green), to Glasgow line. The viaduct was constructed between 1843 and 1850, and has 23 arches in total.

Kilmarnock 4

On top of the hill near the centre of the town is the Robert Burns centre, which acts a memorial to the Scottish Poet, and a statue of him stands at its centre. Although it was damaged by a fire in 2004, it has been redeveloped and now provides marriage services as well. It is in Kay Park, overlooking the town centre and provided a good view.

Kilmarnock 5

This building stands outside the Burns Shopping Centre, and is the Royal Bank of Scotland branch for Kilmarnock. I found it quite interesting because of its circular design, and domed roof. The statue visible in front of it is the aforementioned statue of Robert Burns. To avoid confusion, there are two statues in the town, this one and the one at the centre in Kay Park.

Further outside the town is Deans Castle, which is one of Scotland’s oldest castles, and contains a large collection of armour, weapons and the Van Raalte musical instruments collection.


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